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Psybnc server

Psybnc server

Name: Psybnc server

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16 Sep Status: Deprecated. This article covers a version of Ubuntu that is no longer supported. If you are currently operate a server running Ubuntu. /addserver [network]'[ircserver]:[port] adds a server and port to the new network . All commands are To connect to your psyBNC enter /server servername. psyBNC. This program is useful for people who cannot be on irc all the time. Its used to a normal bouncer by disconnecting from the irc server when the client.

It compiles on Linux, FreeBSD, SunOs and Solaris." ·· · ·· · psyBNC installs on a shell and basically acts as a proxy server for IRC ·· · and keeps your. IRC-Server BQUIT - Quits your current Server Connection BCONNECT - Reconnects a bquitted Connection AIDLE - Enables/Disables Antiidle AUTOREJOIN. A version of psyBNC with modifications that has been ported to Windows using Cygwin. rndware psyBNC Server is compatible with Windows and XP.

PsyBNC is an application that runs 24 hours a day on our servers. It accepts incoming connections as an IRC server, and acts as a proxy between you and a real. a normal bouncer by disconnecting from the irc server when the client disconnects. . until your server goes down or psyBNC shell server has problems. By. PsyBNC is an IRC bouncer, i.e. a program meant to relay communications for the IRC chat network. By itself, it is pretty benign; it uses part of. 22 Mar Ive had PsyBNC running for about a month, no problems at all connecting to EFnet. Today i came on and it wasnt working, Server is still up i get. 3 Aug psyBNC is an extremely easy to use IRC-bouncer which has many features. psybnc. Now open your preferred irc client and write: /server host.

A BNC is a piece of software that is used to relay traffic and connections in computer networks, Many BNCs remain connected to an IRC server in the event the client should disconnect from the Internet. Often state changes are psyBNC is said to be the oldest and most well-known IRC bouncer. It is easy to use, runs on. If you typed correctly, you should have a psybnc directory on your shell. Change to it Once you add in the server, psy will auto-connect to it in a short while. Email Address: [your psyBNC login name, same as in] IRC Server: [your shell IP, same as PSYBNC. Connect IRC client (mirc/HexChat/mibbit) to IRC Bouncer (BNC, Psybnc, or ZNC) and connect to IRC Servers Your IRC bouncer will connect using your custom.


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